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Scott's Tenor Ukulele


This is one of three custom ukulele’s built for my grown children. Scott selected the materials and headshape for his personal uke. It was a fun project to build a custom instrument for someone special.

  • Curly Koa back, sides and top

  • Macassar Ebony binding

  • Mahogany neck

  • Abalone rosette

  • Ebony fretboard

  • Slotted headstock with Curly Koa headplate

  • Stealth Gotoh tuners

  • Ebony bridge

  • Royal-Lac shellac based finish

Voicing and Construction

Bracing pattern is traditional three fan braces with a 0.8mm carbon fiber bridge plate.

The three ukulele’s sound very similar, which is reflected in the frequency spectrums. The soundboards were tuned by measuring deflection with a fixed weight. The bracing and top thicknesses were adjusted to yield the same deflection.


Top 321 Hz

Back 436 Hz

Air 194 Hz

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