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Redwood / Maple Tenor Ukulele


  • Redwood soundboard

  • Curly Maple back and sides

  • Canarywood binding

  • Mahogany neck

  • Abalone rosette

  • Ebony fretboard with dolphin inlay

  • Slotted headstock with Curly Rosewood front and Canarywood back

  • Rosewood bridge

  • Bone nut and saddle

  • Rubner tuners

  • Royal-Lac shellac based finish

When I used CA glue around the binding, I found that redwood may require more than one coat of shellac to seal before applying the glue. The redwood easily wicks the glue and darkens. My wife suggested that I apply a sunburst finish which helped camouflage the feature.

Voicing and Construction

I planned to build a classical guitar with open harmonic bracing based on plans from Guild of American Luthiers. This ukulele was a practice run of the bracing pattern. The cross brace openings have a 0.5mm strip of Bloodwood against the top. The width of the five fan braces varies from 3.5 to 5mm.

Top thickness 1.8mm to 1.65mm perimeter. Back thickness 1.7 mm.


Top monopole 358 Hz

Top cross dipole 500 Hz

Back 390 Hz

Air 193 Hz

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