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Koa / Bearclaw Phi Guitar


The Koa 12-fret Phi guitar was constructed from a nice curly koa back and side, a striking bearclaw Sitka spruce soundboard, curly maple binding, and a spalted maple rosette.

The headplate, fingerboard and bridge are Brazilian rosewood; the finish is french polish.

Constructed in 2011.

Voicing and Construction

Bracing is a double X pattern with the lower X bridged to avoid over-stiffening the lower bout. The image at left is the same bracing pattern from an earlier guitar.

Braces 0.25". Top thickness 2.4mm thinned to 2.1mm at perimeter. Back thickness 2.2mm.


Top monopole 172 Hz

Cross dipole 321 Hz

Long dipole 407 Hz

Back 216 Hz

Air 94 Hz.

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