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Cedar / Curly Mahogany Tenor Ukulele


This ukulele was my first attempt at building a ukulele.

  • Western Red Cedar soundboard

  • Quilted Mahogany back and sides

  • Curly Maple binding

  • Mahogany neck

  • Rosewood fretboard

  • Koa headplate

  • Rosewood bridge

  • Royal-Lac shellac based finish

Voicing and Construction

After building several guitars with the typical challenge of registering the top and back plates onto the sides, I tried using registration pins in the outside mold. You can see the pins in the mold and the registration holes in these pictures. I really like this method and will adapt it to guitar making.

Bracing pattern is traditional three fan braces. Top thickness 1.65 mm. Back thickness 1.9 mm.


Top 360 Hz

Back 436 Hz

Air 191 Hz

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